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mark hernandez:
-tattoo artist
-Graphic designer
-window and mural painter

Well now you've done it. Summoned the spirit that possesses Mark's bones. I'll admit, i'm flattered that you followed me here.

This spirit has existed since before the world began but for now we'll talk about this bag of Cannibal Food called...

Mark Hernandez is a self taught artist from Carlsbad, New Mexico. He began developing a taste for horror, art and home made tortillas since before his little legs could crawl. 

 The pertinent facts, however, are that he attained his tattoo apprenticeship in 2007 and has since worked as a tattoo artist and graphic designer through out the Carlsbad area while maintaining  a full time career.

The purpose of this page is to promote Mark's art career. Whether it be Tattooing your skin, helping you create a logo or graphic for your business or maybe you're just interested in supporting my artwork by purchasing an item from my store.

Either Way, Thanks for visiting 



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